SydneyDirect marketplace – Express to Chinese market
Everything you need for cross border digital marketing

Think of selling to Chinese consumers and entering China market? is a dedicated marketplace for Australian brands and trademark owners to get instant access to Chinese market. is a cross border e-commerce empowered with unique features and marketing program to help our merchants to tap in to Chinese market easily:

  1. SydneyDirect integrates a bunch of Chinese marketing mechanism for merchants’ easy entry to Chinese market. It is designed with “mobile first” considerations, and China social network marketing, China payment gateway solution.
  2. Merchants are provided with frontend vendor dashboard in English interface to manage a cross border ecommerce store to get orders from both Australia and China.
  3. SydneyDirect support WeChat and Weibo log-in for Chinese social network users, it has optimized mobile theme design compatible to be open in WeChat, and any mobile browser.
  4. Each merchant marketing content from twitter, Instagram, Facebook can be localized and shared to SydneyDirect’s Chinese social media accounts.
  5. SydneyDirect runs google shopping campaign, and dynamic remarketing campaign, and display network campaign to promote the merchants and the products.
  6. Merchants have the option to distribute samples into hundred retail points of sales in Shanghai.


How to join SydneyDirect?

Click Register and complete the form.

By applying to be a Vendor (Merchant), you agree to the Terms & Conditions of SD Vendors 

You will receive an email of verification once registered, click the verification link.

You will be lead to vendor dashboard automatically to set up store.

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